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Isla Mujeres pics

edited March 2010 in Random
Hey..not sure if anyone checks in here anymore but I thought I would post some pics I just took in Mexico.

Also...we should start thinking about planning some spring/summer shindigs!


  • Hey Simon!

    It is a bit dead here isn't it? I just took a look for the first time in a while, saw your excellent pics! Yes, Spring seems to be sort of coming, doesn't it; we really should make some effort soon to hit a beer garden or two...
  • Simon, those are great photos. The colors are amazing!

    Should we do a thursday night drinks somewhere next week?

    or what's the springtime equivalent of a chili cook off?
  • edited March 2010
    hmm...a salad spin-off?

    edit: but, yeah. thurs. drinks would be rad. its supposed to be 70 this thursday, but theres a show im going to at Beat Kitchen that night.

    Actually I'm out this week too, but i REALLY hope folks are up for some Happy Village type fun in the coming months. I love doing that.
  • I would reappear at HV, if I could manage to with my weird-hours job im working.

    hi all.
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