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  • 1736 N Washtenaw, between Armitage & north, 2 blocks east of california. I was copying and pasting from other places where the date is a separate field. Good catch!
  • Yes moving from the duplex to a condo in Old Irving, now it is going to be a hike everywhere. Went with Cunningham William Movers. my friend & biz partner is moving the same day as me and he is using these guys and has used them before.
  • I started digging through yelp, I would rather get a recommendation form someone who has used one the services. The key to my move is there will only be a few boxes and then furniture & large plants to move. I will look into the Golans.
  • I know in the first season Sam said he can shift to other things but that dog is easiest/comfortable to shift into. He made a comment about shifting into a bird and said flight was kind of hard.
    in true blood Comment by rick July 2009
  • we went to the manistee area(about 5hrs drive in michigan) and it was pretty cool.
    in camping Comment by rick July 2009
  • not anymore secret ruiner
    in Tour de Fat Comment by rick July 2009
  • kevin mentioned joining me for this, but I wasnt going to declare that publicly.
    in Tour de Fat Comment by rick July 2009
  • andy, keep rubbing your underwater adventures in.....
    in Tour de Fat Comment by rick June 2009
  • I wish I would have seen this yesterday, we instituted summer hours today. Made plans already.
  • I will be there while you are having fun snorkelling.
    in Tour de Fat Comment by rick June 2009
  • We worked the client who is a designer on this project, and just made suggestions and slight improvements to her overall design. Everything else is all custom coded - social networking, vote, shop etc... Thanks to kevers for helping Chip with some…
    in New bike site Comment by rick May 2009
  • I hear there are willagers involved.
    in werewolf Comment by rick May 2009
  • what email address should they send it to?
  • what is the description for a junior digital designer? print & web work? I may know someone.
  • messy, but I heart sandwiches and approve of that site.
  • I will be down after the first week of april. is it just wed or maybe a weekend day ride?
  • L, we are down the street from you now, and there will be a dog here sometimes during the week, maybe we can have introductions. Aaron has also mentioned showing up in his robe....
  • ray - I think your friends should meet with a client of ours. we are building a pretty cool cycling jersey/shirt site.
  • markle - my friend chip & I started Why you are out of the loop.... hmmmm.... Laura - we should all do lunch when we are officially moved in. we are starting to move stuff in this weekend and the our first day …
  • I know a copywriter who is looking for work. I will pass this on.
  • I saw a hobo walking around with one of those, over in the alley by Cozy Corner....
  • Andy, I only know where to get the terrible Obama shirts. This may help:
  • Dave thanks for all the wonderful info.I just found out that the flight from Chicago only lands in Dublin. Do you know of any cheap places to stay in Dublin? A little inexpensive, that is nice and the price is reasonable. We are planing to drive …
  • isle of man, cliffs of moher, Jameson Distillery are some of the spots we are planning.
  • fyi, we landed teh job. I will be broadcasting stuff here on out about it. it should be pretty cool!
  • holy crap, cute overload! Sorry I cannot help out, did you post on myspace or facebook?
  • I walked to the Police Station on california & palmer and the line was sort of long, it went to the doors. They were having to different wards there the 35th and 1 other. They were separating people by ward, and by luck me being in the 35th I …
  • b - not regularly, but when I think about it.
  • clean all your vents and replace/clean any filters. open your blinds during the day to let in the warking rays of sun, and if you have ceiling fans you can set them on reverse so it pulls the warm air up. Check out this site: http://www.realsimp…
  • OMG Marc has graced my thread with his presence. Essentially we are in the preliminary stages with a client who is kind of like a threadless but for the cycling community. The project is pretty cool, and the owners are big bike enthusiasts, thi…