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  • I'm not sure about places in the city but I know that Sportsman's Country Club in Northbrook has a huge golf course for x-country skiing & they also rent skis by the day as well. In general though, I'd check golf courses around the city as an o…
  • Regarding what Sam can change into, he can only change into things that he's seen first hand, thus no bears. Kinda bummed now though, cuz there's only 3 more episodes left. :(
    in true blood Comment by Gut August 2009
  • wow. been awhile since i've been on. let's get this set up! who's hosting? oh, and btw, if you don't get buy in from everyone, it probably means that we need to send an email out. i haven't been on here in 3 weeks. :(
  • You both need help. Google street view is awesome for checkin' out your old digs as well as seeing if you can catch people doing naughty things!
    in Tough Guy!! Comment by Gut February 2009
  • rudy stole all of our money. nah, it was great! most lost was $5, most gained was $8.50.
  • terrible. please, stick you your day jobs. i'm free before 6 tomorrow afternoon but open on sunday. gonna be cold too!
    in sleeding? Comment by Gut January 2009
  • I'd love to go! Crystal lake is pretty far away though brother. I've passed by the one behind Soldier Field, & it's decent but not too steep. The Addison one looks pretty good & has a video posted on it too. If we get to the planning sta…
    in sleeding? Comment by Gut January 2009
  • that would be great, thanks! I'm wiping away the tears as we speak.
    in Bonfire pit Comment by Gut January 2009
  • Great fun last night dudes! We definitely need to do it again.
  • I'd LOVE to play, but can't until 8:30ish due to a board meeting. I'll email you about it Chase. Hopefully, 8:30 will work.
  • Did you guys end up going sledding? I probably would've joined you but I haven't been on here in a while. Poop! I DO think that we should start going the route of emailing for stuff like this, otherwise some will be left out. *sniff*
    in Bonfire pit Comment by Gut January 2009
  • i could do sunday
    in Bonfire pit Comment by Gut January 2009
  • Especially if we don't log on here often enough. Email is a GREAT thing sometimes, eh?
  • So...who's in for tonight w/ such late notice?
    in Bonfire pit Comment by Gut January 2009
  • WAIT!!!! We have SNOW coming tomorrow & Sat! Wanna pick this one this weekend?/?
    in Bonfire pit Comment by Gut January 2009
  • I was thinking this Sat night? Tomorrow's a possibility too. Who's place? We could fit 8 around my table w/ a couple of donated chairs but it's not a really cool poker table. And Cstone, you SURE you wanna play poker w/ a couple of amateurs? We…
  • this is the most random post ever. dude, it's in my car. it's been there since the labor day party. what in the WORLD made you think of this NOW????? Also, one other thought: metal canteens are better because if you're ever caught w/o a filter…
  • Awesome guys! Mozel Tov!
  • Yep Bloke, this Sunday is the last episode. Do you still live in Logan?
  • 8pm on Sunday night. Logan square @ Armitage & Kedzie. 1937 N. Sawyer. Any other takers???
  • blue bins here but our association hired Groot to pick up our recycling weekly for our 8 unit building. Costs us $45/mo total or something for 2 city of Chicago sized bins. Best part? We don't have to separate anything! I highly recomme…
  • It's not bad, it's just not the BAM kind of O Stone treatment that I was hoping for. It's actually slow & Dubya's character is somewhat a pitiful chap.
    in Dubya Comment by Gut October 2008
  • True Blood ROCKS!!! It's the only thing I really, really look forward to watching now, now that Heroes totally sucks (although, I was never a BIG fan of Heroes. I just did super hero stuff). Regarding virginal halloween ideas, how about Carrie &…
  • I totally could've gone to this but I seem to have misplaced my brain on Sunday. Being absent minded sucks. On the flip side, I can tell you that Hellboy II is a pretty fun movie though.
  • Yikes! Does anyone havet a good torrent for Photoshop? I have a CS3 copy but it no longer works. :(
  • AWESOME!!!! May you have many, glorious days filled w/ canoeing, halloween parties, corks drinks and Days of Fun for years to come!
    in Engaged! Comment by Gut July 2008
  • Cool. So how does everyone feel then about going somewhere the weekend of 9/26?
  • KITTENS!! Are we ready to pick a date then? T&B, what r your flight plans in September? Late September is always cool because it's still nice & warm during the days but cooler & night.