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  • I've sent him away with bloody and wanker (he is very apple pie beyond those). I told him to avoid saying "wanka" and another student who has been in London before told him "bloody" is a swear. I can't comprehend english speak right now--I'm s…
  • Congratulations fer sher! You guys are an awesome couple!
    in Engaged! Comment by emipie July 2008
  • Thanks for your kind words! Lordy I wish I had a camera!!!!! This week I discovered the best sign I have ever seen. It is for a place called "Club Havana" in Gangnam where I work. It's a neon sign that is a monkey wearing a cowboy hat smokin…
  • I saw an arcade in a subway station, but I haven't been to one. The closest is what I've been doing for internet access, the PC Bang. It is super smokey (even for me the smoker) and a bunch of dudes just come and play games online because their pa…
  • Kim Jong Ill suits are all the rage here. Too bad they don't come in my size. Actually, not, all the girls dress the same here, but it's pretty cute. The food is delicious and cheap. I get a hankering for a burger every now and again though, b…
  • I am almost a month late to my own party! Korea is crazy. These little people tend to think very differently than what I am used to. Bahareh, I thought of you yesterday--I was flipping through the TV channels and came across Ranma 1/2 and I w…
  • Snowy and cold but sunny here. I'm happy but working retail and not wanting to bear the shame/strain of living with my parents any longer. Unfortunately, my current wage does not offer me the luxury of a quick exit. I miss you guys too!
  • I rode through Markleville Indiana on my way home. No photos though, sorry.
  • I inadvertantly hung on to part of it Andy. Send me your address and it will arrive in the post at some point.
  • Thanks Pardners! I am going to miss all of you and Denver must be the new gateway between San Diego and Chicago. I got into Denver last night around 9:30 pm after 3 days of travel that took us through Indiana (to see relatives, we knew it was …
  • Yay! LOL here too. The first one reminds me of my friend Jim who shaved the top of his head and had comb overable hair weaved into the perimiter. As much as a try to look like a weirdo, I always wind up looking like the pretty princess that I a…
  • No need for bubble wrap. Boxes might be good. I am far too unprepared to decide whether or not I need more or not. If anyone is coming over tonight, please call ahead: 773.562.2030.
  • As of now we are aiming for 8ish tomorrow. If you show up afters, you will still be welcome! Please stop by tonight if you are inclined! Yay!
  • Well Miss Lash (and Mr. Aaron), if you are interested how about starting at 7ish? I can't buzz buzzres in, so if you do come and buzz, wait for me to come downstairs. BYOB which I willl drink since funds are tight. Andy and Gina--if you wish to…
  • Seriously, I know the over 24 crowd doesn't head out on a Friday Night, but come to my place for a while. Seating is very limited. My couch sits 3 comfortably portioned adults. I have 3 windowsills in my living room that will each accomodate up…
  • A lobotomy and a stable of small, efficient, South and Central American men would greatly aid the process. Yes. Thank you Karen.
  • Yeesh. Why don't you all come over to my apartment and watch me pack? SO MUCH YET TO DO! SO FEW DAYS IN WHICH TO DO IT!
  • Nope. Lease is up October 1. Dad's coming sometime next week to load up ye old rented minivan for the trip back to the Rockies. Two adult children both living at home. My parents are going to be so proud. (I am planning on rectifying the …
  • I may have mentioned this before, but DO NOT get the burger with Mozarella, basil and tomato (I think it might be a Melvin?). While those are delicious combinations outside of the realm of hamburgers they do not translate well.
  • Happy Birthday B! I watched Children of Heaven this weekend and a girl named Bahareh was instructed to compete in the long jump. I'm totally going to win 3rd place in the race and get you some new shoes! Happy Birthday B!
  • The bus wiped off most of the white amazingly. I am in agreement with Kevin, recipe please!
  • Hey, great BBQ!! Mom really enjoyed it. She surmised that she had way more fun with my friends than I would have with her friends and she is correct. My friends are way more cooler than her friends. HooRABBQ! Thanks Laura and Aaron!
  • I know I am Flakey McNoshow, but I really am going to come to this with my mom as far as I can tell. I ask only one favor of my Corks friends...when mom is around I do not smoke. Do not ask me for nor offer me smokes. I am sure we will bring some…
  • And, not to leave out a very important part--good job on Ingrid's side too. She contributed half of the adorable genes perfectly and baked her perfectly as well.
  • Awww. Good work there kid. Congrats and all--beautiful baby.
  • They look very cool. That being said, they are kind of radish intensive. My guts and radishes don't get along that well.
  • My mom ruins everything.
  • Okay kids, I am officially out. My mom has expressed severe sadness with the idea of not having those couple of days with me and an excessive fear of the CTA. She is my mom, and I love her, and I don't want her to get lost on the CTA (albeit i…
  • Hey may be camp as a row of tents, but his voice does cancel out that of Bob Ross. Unless we are talking about someone different I got to go to hospital to be treated for bronchitis in his adopted home town shortly after his death (Muncie, IN) co…