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  • THURSDAY DRINKS WHOO HOO! Actually I'm out this week too, but i REALLY hope folks are up for some Happy Village type fun in the coming months. I love doing that.
  • Hey Simon! It is a bit dead here isn't it? I just took a look for the first time in a while, saw your excellent pics! Yes, Spring seems to be sort of coming, doesn't it; we really should make some effort soon to hit a beer garden or two...
  • Not the Zep dude, the Yank captain who didn't pay his tea tax like he should then said 'Surrender? I haven't begun to fight yet, you Limey bastards' before just beating the brave English captain by a whisker.
  • This is of no help I know, but I really like the phrase 'steadfast and calm in explosive situations'. Makes me think of Shackleton or John Paul Jones. Just the sort of people you're looking for!
  • Yes, take a close look at a badger's cheeks next time you get a chance. Smooth? ps MERRY CHRISTMAS / HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!
  • in!
  • ...Grandad?
  • That wasn't much help, was it
  • I heard a live chicken dropped down a sooty chimney does a fantastic job of cleaning it as it flaps around. Edible too, after a good hosing down. Hard to buy live ones these days though. Hmm. A pigeon would be too small, plus it might tend to head …
  • Hey Brandie! Nice to hear from you. We may be heading out of town that night, but I'll certainly drop by if I'm around. I'll try and let you know for sure a bit closer to the data perhaps.
  • Moth murderer! (I heard hairspray was good too)
  • Quite a few links out there on getting these critters. Eg Looks tricky, to be honest. If i wanted to get all science on their ass, you might want to do what you can to break their life-cycle as well as c…
  • Are these clothes-eating moths/larvae, or the ones you get in the kitchen, from dry goods and stuff. Ways of getting rid of them are quite different I think.
  • I bet Yelp would turn up some well-reviewed companies. I love that site!
  • I reckon that could work. Rotten weather today anyway.
    in true blood Comment by Bloke August 2009
  • Fine looking brace of edible racecars there, JB. Hmm, how about 'Sportwiches' as a product? Sandwiches you can race or throw about...then eat. I shall invent a science behind it, called "Nutrisportology" and make a killing, a killing! I must d…
  • Total badass. I like the way he underplays it, the Egyptian-style tattoo detail, and the 'I'm older than your jesus' line. Brilliant! I'm really enjoying the weekly summaries this guy does on the show:…
    in true blood Comment by Bloke August 2009
  • Just the Friday. We'll be there with a few pals, give us a ring if you want to meet up - 773 551 9865.
  • Welcome back! I'll go for one, will be there about 6.30 or so.
  • ...or a flea, so he can hop away undetected. Or an eel, so he can 'give them the slip' ha ha! Hmm. I'm starting to doubt this shape changing thing now. It seems to be contravening far too many physical laws. Ooh maybe the laws limit them only to …
    in true blood Comment by Bloke July 2009
  • Why can't he shift into something badass, like a bear? Or even a decent size dog, for chrissakes? If he turned into a honking great mastiff he'll be able to escape MaryAnn's carnal clutches for sure. And Jessica is HOT, by the way. There, I done sa…
    in true blood Comment by Bloke July 2009
  • I think they're just props really, intended to cement the image of her sybaritic, lascivious lifestyle. I had to spell check those words. No-one seems to question where she gets them every day though, do they? Maybe there's a mega Whole Foods in Sh…
    in true blood Comment by Bloke July 2009
  • Could be either; more important to me is their subtle reference to 'werewolves' this week. Bring THEM the fuck on! I hear talk MaryAnn being a Maenad btw (, which is also awesome. Finally, the flashback to Vikin…
    in true blood Comment by Bloke July 2009
  • We'd be in for anything. It's the organization that we're so bad at. Only two critical questions though: 1. Where, and 2. What weekend? Who knows good spots that aren't too far away? Anyone got a list? That Fennimore place was fantastic, if a l…
    in camping Comment by Bloke July 2009
  • Congrats too! Looks like a fine time was had there. See you both soon I hope!
    in wedding pics Comment by Bloke July 2009
  • Well, all caught up now. Last night's episode was almost immediately available thru lovely lovely bittorrent. What a great show! I love how they've created such a plausible other-world, where people don't seem to be hardly fazed at all by vampires,…
    in true blood Comment by Bloke June 2009
  • You bet, B! No other bugger has replied, I see. No worries, come on up if you feel like it.
  • Hmm, it does look like I posted only to mention that I was going snorkelling, doesn't it. Rather rude of me, sorry. That said, I did treat myself to a snorkel mask with these cool snap-in prescription lenses last week, so the view down there is goi…
    in Tour de Fat Comment by Bloke June 2009